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Outpatient Teen Rehab Programs

For teens who are mildly addicted to drugs or alcohol or for the parents who cannot afford to place their teen into a costly inpatient treatment program, outpatient teen rehab provides many benefits. These cost-effective programs allow teens to get support, care and guidance that will prevent them from further sinking into addiction without having to take them away from their school, family and friends. If addiction or substance abuse is not a major problem at this point in a teen’s life, there is a good chance that having them take part in an outpatient teen rehabilitation program will help to reduce the likelihood of the addiction becoming more severe.

Teens who attend outpatient treatment are able to maintain their school schedules, take part in after-school programs or other extra-curricular activities and remain connected with their family. Sometimes, these opportunities provide the teen with the added benefit of being able to feel close and less like they have been cast out of their family. Outpatient programs for teens provide a bridge between the parents and the teen who may be suffering from drug or alcohol abuse problems.

How Outpatient Teen Rehab Helps

There are many ways that these programs help teens. Because teens are not required to live in a facility, they are able to remain connected with their loved ones. Additionally, teen rehab programs help teens to better understand their reasons for abusing substances as well as the issues that they are coping with. This may include receiving counseling for a divorce or separation, it could include receiving education pertaining to bullying, peer pressure or substance abuse and it could include various methods of therapy to assist the teen overall.

Most outpatient teen rehab programs offer treatment in the form of individual and group counseling sessions. There are often weekend classes as well as early evening classes that can fit around school schedules. In some cases, counselors will even attend the school to visit the teen and talk with him or her about various aspects of addiction and recovery. Therapists who work with teens focus largely on the matters that are unique to the teen and specialize in offering teens a safe, comfortable place to talk.

Benefits of Outpatient Teen Rehab

Teens need support and guidance in order to move away from drug or alcohol abuse and to get well. Strength is found in receiving emotional support from others and in some cases, the teen will feel more comfortable talking to a counselor or therapist than he or she does with a parent. Outpatient teen rehab provides the following benefits to teens who suffer from substance abuse problems:

  • group therapy with other teens who are also addicted to drugs or alcohol. This allows teens to discuss matters such as peer pressure, grief, a desire to fit in or the expectations of their parents with others who are likely to have similar problems.
  • Mental health disorders can be diagnosed and treatment can be received for these conditions
  • therapy is provided to assist with mental instability, physical instability, and to promote healing
  • group support is provided

If you think that you know a teen who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, outpatient teen rehab may be the best solution. Many treatment options are available for teens but for the teen who wishes to stay close to their parents and loved ones while also receiving treatment for his or her substance abuse, outpatient therapy can help.