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When you have a child who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, the process of getting them the help and support that they need to get well can be a difficult and lengthy road. Teen rehab programs provide teens with specialized treatment that is focused on the individual and very unique needs that teens have with an emphasis on education and guidance that will help them to make better decisions in the future. These programs, though they offer many similar services that are found in adult rehab programs, are much different than adult rehabs because they understand the unique reasons that teens tend to abuse substances and that these reasons are much different than those that cause adults to abuse drugs or alcohol.

Teen rehab programs offer varied levels of monitoring and support for teens based largely on the level of their substance abuse and various other factors. The most common types of teen rehab programs include inpatient rehab, long-term rehab and outpatient rehab. Each of these programs uses educational classes, counseling and therapy as well as various means of medical care to ensure the best chance for teens to recover from drug or alcohol addiction.

 Teen Drug Rehab Programs

Teens tend to abuse drugs for somewhat different reasons than adults. Many cite peer pressure, a desire to fit in or problems at home as their primary reason for using drugs. Because teens are dealing with very different stress factors than adults (school, bullying, pressure to fit in, etc) the methods used in drug rehab for teens are typically focused more around helping them to find their way, feel comfortable with themselves and cope with the common factors that are causing stress in their lives.

 Teen drug rehab provides the following benefits to teens:

  • programs are targeted specifically to the issues that teens are dealing with
  • individual needs are considered such as issues pertaining to divorce, financial problems within their home life, separation, and bullying or being teased
  • teens are able to take part in a program that includes other teens (their peers) many of whom are dealing with similar issues and reasons for abusing drugs
  • bonding opportunities are provided to get teens back into close relationships with their family members including parents, siblings and other loved ones

Teen Alcohol Rehab Programs

Similar to drug rehab programs, teen alcohol rehab programs provide teens with a foundation to heal, bond and grow. These programs focus on helping teens to develop effective coping skills by teaching them how to avoid stressful situations whenever possible and also how to overcome the depression, anxiety and other issues that they have regarding problems at home and at school. Teens often turn to alcohol in an effort to fit in with other peers who also drink and this can lead to serious consequences. Binge drinking is a major problem amongst teens and many teen rehab programs place a major emphasis on teaching teens the dangers of binge drinking in an effort to prevent serious consequences from occurring.

Teen alcohol rehab provides the following benefits to teens:

  • taking part in recovery opportunities with other teens
  • learning how to cope with stress and other factors that cause alcohol abuse
  • educational guidance to assist teens in understanding the benefits of staying sober as well as the consequences of that come with alcohol abuse

If you are a teen who needs help or if you have a teen who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, a teen rehab program can provide you with a solution. There are loving and caring counselors and therapists who can provide social support, guidance, education and therapy to help with a variety of teen substance abuse issues including drug addiction, binge drinking and alcohol addiction. Help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.